From imitability to producibility

In his discussion of the ideas of God, Ockham comments that “God has an infinite number of ideas, as there are infinitely many things which can be produced by him.” Although it’s tangential to the point Ockham is making, the quote puts me in mind that the whole shift in thinking about the nature of possibility which occurs between Thomas Aquinas and William of Ockham could be reduced to this. It is a shift from the possible understood as a theologically rich and analogical divine imitability, to a theologically evacuated and banal divine producibility.

2 thoughts on “From imitability to producibility

    • I do try to be objective and neutral, so I use words like “evacuated” and “banal” in their unprejudicial or non-evaluative senses. But if pressed for my preference, as you know, I’d like to see the Anselmian “divine utterability” and the Tolkienian “divine sub-creatability” have their turn on the catwalk.

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