More Aragorn Typology

Thorongil, alias Aragorn, part 3

Another possible christological allusion in the Appendix A (Return of the King) account of Thorongil/Aragorn is his taking a boat across a body of water, only to take leave of his “disciples” on the other side: “For he took boat and crossed over Anduin, and there he said farewell to his companions and went on alone; and when he was last seen his face was towards the Mountains of Shadow.” While there is no exact parallel to this scene in Scripture, it might be seen to combine and compress a number of iconic moments in Jesus’s ministry; for example, his crossing the Sea of Galilee (once by walking on the water, another time by calming a storm) and his occasional withdrawal from his disciples to pray. Also of note here are the words used to describe Thorongil’s sense of purpose or destination, “setting his face towards the Mountains of Shadow.” The expression “set his face towards” occurs only a handful of times in the English Bible, most of these appearing in the synoptic Gospels to describe Jesus’s determination to go to his own “Mountain of Shadow,” the City of Jerusalem.

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