A people may be best ruled by its own

And yet another passage on political authority in Middle-earth:

“But after a time the Elf-kings, seeing that it was not good for Elves and Men to dwell mingled together without order, and that Men needed lords of their own kind, set regions apart where Men could live their own lives, and appointed chieftains to hold these lands freely. They were the allies of the Eldar in war, but marched under their own leaders.” (Silmarillion, “Of the Coming of Men into the West,” 147)

Two observations. First, its implied (Platonic? Aristotelian?) principle that two heterogeneous elements can only coexist and cooperate according or in conformity to a third principle or law. If Men and Elves are to live together, they may do so successfully only according to an established order. Anarchy, for all Tolkien’s sympathy expressed for it elsewhere, is not a live option. Second, prudence and justice dictate that a people may be best ruled by its own.

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