De Sacramentis 1.1.25

1.1.25 “How in the three following days the world was adorned.” Hugh now outlines the work of the next three days, describing it as the “adornment” of the aforementioned “uncovered” earth, “gathered” water, and “cleared” air. He describes the air as having “received ornaments in the flying things; and the waters, in the fishes.” The discussion of the creation of man on the sixth day, however, shifts from this theme of the living animals being a mere adornment or ornamentation to a very different kind of relationship: “man was made on this last day out of earth and on earth, yet not for earth, nor for the sake of earth, but for heaven and for the sake of Him who made earth and heaven. Therefore, man was made, not as an adornment of the earth, but as its lord and possessor.”


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